Wednesday, March 14, 2007

New life for me

Well, I am back to my joyful self. I had a week to calm myself down. I felt down and out-of-luck but remember what I said what happened to me several years prior to the program. People sometimes make life-changing decisions when they are feeling down. This time around, I will stay in the program and will not change careers.

I love teaching. This coming path of my journey to become a secondary science teacher, I picked up two courses that I felt were beneficial for a general education teacher to know about. One of them is the Exceptional Child, which is traditionally a special education course. However, with students with special needs being in general classrooms, I felt that I need to learn how to meet their needs with my curriculum and lesson plans. I am willing to help them succeed. The other course that I picked up is about victims and bullies. This course would be helpful for me because I was victim throughout my school years. I feel that I can contribute to the discussions.

Sometime this summer, I am hoping that I can pick up coursework that is geared to literacy or the reading endorsement in Oregon. Even though I would be endorsed in Science, reading and literacy do not end when a student leaves their Language Arts/English Literature class. Some of my potential curriculum revolves around literacy and comprehension.

Future posts coming soon.