Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Half-day student teaching

I am extremely frustrated with student teaching is not what I hoped for. I felt that I had a disconnect between my college classes with my student teaching experience. I do not entirely know why this occurred. What made matters somewhat worse is that my mentor teacher was rarely around to help me guide through the process. Teaching is very difficult but still enjoyable. A good amount of things go to into the teaching process. The definite thing that I need to work on is my classroom management.

As of right now, my student teaching is placed on hold until 6 months from now. I will not be able to much during the next term if only one class that does not have very many assignments. A month ago, I was on the path to graduate in June with my fellow colleagues in the program. But it looks I will not be able to do so. This makes me pretty upset and burned-out. I have been college way too long....10 years and I need to get out so that I can get a job somewhere.

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