Wednesday, August 16, 2006

How to prevent plagiarism

Plagiarism is easily done with the web but teachers need to come up with ways of preventing it in the classroom. There are social, ethical, and human issues behind why should plagiarism should be prevented, such as students need to learn how to responsible with technological systems which is one of the standards assessed with ISTE.

Is a paper accessed from a web-oriented business an easy A? No, because the papers are uneven....some are better than others. So, it is important to illustrate to a class what a good paper and a bad one look like. This may prevent students taking risksand spending valuable money on a paper written by another person. Also, teachers can allow students to turn in their papers in sections (outline, early drafts, sources, and the final draft) as a way to see how the students are doing with their research. A third way to prevent plagiarism is by having students give an oral report on their paper. If they can give a good one, this means that they understand the material rather than faking it.

Bolkan, J.V. (2006). Avoid the plague: Tips and tricks for preventing and detecting plagiarism.
Learning & Leading with Teaching March issue. p. 10-13.

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