Wednesday, August 02, 2006

My new life as a future teacher

People say that sometimes good things happen when you hit a rough spot in one's life. Well, it is true. Let me tell you a story. During Spring Break of 2004, I reflected on my first quarter at Oregon State University as a post-bac student. At the time, I was a geology major that had high hopes of entering the back-door of the graduate school to become a hydrologist. However, that was not the case when I had problems with my first term, which was a very tough one indeed. During the first week back from Spring Break, I discussed with my advisor about what can I do with my bad term. I knew that I am excited when I get a chance to talk about science. So, we determined that education might be a good road for me. That first term, as a potential science educator, I took an Educational Psychology class. For some reason, the class became very natural to me and I seemed to be comfortable with it. The Educational psychology class was a break-through for me, it showed where my true niche was, education. But what was funny, I never truly believed that I would become a teacher. For two years, I was very persistent on getting into a graduate level teacher-prep program. During the first year, I was called in for some interviews. At one of the universities, but I will not say which one, the dean of the school believed that I would not do well in education. The following year, I was very determined in trying again. This year, things turned out very well because I wanted to stay in Oregon and I obtained admission to a wonderful university with many caring professors and fellow future educators. I strongly believe that if one works very hard and is persistent, dreams do come true.

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djab said...

Your science interests are in step with a national trend- have fun.